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Estimating credits for startups

Before Clay, it took MainStreet's sales team hundreds of hours to research, qualify, and estimate tax credits for each startup that applied.

With Clay, inbound lead's emails are pulled directly into a table and enriched with company size, number of engineers, location, industry, and more. The table then estimated each startup's tax-credits and sends qualified leads to their CRM. All within seconds.

Enriching and personalizing

Along with each startup's credit estimate, MainStreet uses 5+ built-in enrichment tools to find each applicant's first name, job title, timezone, social media profiles, technology stack, and much more.

Clay then sends the enriched profiles to HubSpot to personalize automated emails and categorize each lead.

Discovering new leads

To find more qualified leads, MainStreet tapped into their employees' LinkedIn and Twitter networks.

Clay automatically pulled in each employee's LinkedIn connections and Twitter followers, then enriched each to find qualified companies.

The table then found each lead's email, first name, and title for an automated personal outreach.

Clay ingested all new signups, enriched them with company size and valuation, and automatically ranked them by likelihood of converting.

Nick Abouzeid, Head of Marketing @ MainStreet
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