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September 20, 2021
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Matt Maiale


Matt Maiale

In Clay 2.0, you can now source leads directly from Linkedin within the table. Our 'Clay Find People' source takes queries such as location, title, company, experience, skills, and more to search LinkedIn and add matches to your table.

Send data anywhere using Clay's HTTP API. Trigger campaigns (SendGrid, Customer.io), update your CRM (Hubspot, Airtable), send a Slack notification, or power just about any of your team’s tools.

Auth actions re-introduced

Close your workflows by sending Slack notifications, automating email campaigns, send leads to HubSpot, and more with Clay's authenticated actions. While we're chugging along building more auth actions, you can take advantage of Clay's general API to connect to 1,000+ more tools. Learn more about Clay's actions here.

Bulk runs

No more running individual cells in your tables. Clay 2.0's new bulk run feature allows you to run either all records in your view or those that haven't yet run.

New Documentation

Goodbye Clay Library Notion, hello docs.clay.com👋

As we introduce new use-cases and features, keep a close eye on our documentation library for demos, guides, and walk-throughs. You can check out our documentation on building a waitlist management tool and watch how to gather leads with the new LinkedIn source.