🙈 Salesforce integration, verify emails, updated LinkedIn query, Apollo enrichment, and templates

August 2022
Matt Maiale

We hope you're staying cool with your Birkenstocks, bucket hats, and wonderful office AC. We're so pumped to share some new features and updates from Clay.

☁️ Salesforce source and integration

First we tackled HubSpot, and now it's possible to connect your Salesforce! Automatically pull in your Salesforce contacts to enrich, then create, update, lookup, or get IDs for your records. Now Clay makes it easy to update and cleanup your wonderful CRM.

✅ Verify emails in seconds with Debounce

Clay now makes it easy to instantly verify emails in seconds. This is super helpful for teams running outbound campaigns that don't want to risk hurting their domain reputation!

🧑‍🚀 Updated LinkedIn query results preview

Clay's LinkedIn search query now allows you know the number of results before running. No more running queries that returns the dreaded 'no results found'. 😮

👀 Find more leads with Apollo

We're super pumped to share that now along with our LinkedIn query, you can now connect Apollo to find new leads. Search by title and company to find contacts in seconds. 🏃‍♀️

🔮 Column editing is just a click away

Clay's new column settings now makes it easy to sort, add columns, duplicate, hide, and rename in 2 clicks. Bonus: Enrichment actions can be bulk run by pressing the play button at the top 🙈

🤲 Get new ideas from clay.com/templates

There's a whole lot of wild things are community is building. We're taking our favorite workflows and adding them to our templates library. Each workflow comes with custom instruction on how to build it yourself. ⚡️

👾 Some more features to check out


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