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August 25, 2022
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Using Google As A Source
Version 21.2.3

Using Google As A Source

Matt Maiale

Using Google As A Source

Matt Maiale

As you're getting ready for your wonderful Labor Day Weekend break, we're pumped to share some exciting updates to our sources and integrations within Clay 🧚

 Pull in Google search results directly into your table as a new way to find leads. Whether it's LinkedIn profiles with keywords in their headlines or the best coffee shops in Brooklyn, this source won't disappoint! 🕺

Google Maps to pull in offline businesses

Clay makes it easy to pull in even offline businesses through our Google Maps source. We'll automatically extract their name, address, website, phone number, and description. ⚡️

Outreach integration now available

 You asked for it, and now it's here! Connect your Outreach.io accounts to start automating wonderful campaigns directly from your Clay table!

Option to manually run integrations

Want more control of which integrations run rather than for every record added? Our new "Run as Button" option allows you to manually choose which integrations you run. Best for teams that prefer to manually check their data before automating campaigns!

‍Updated CSV import flow

Before you add any CSV spreadsheets into Clay, you can now double-check how many rows you'll have before and after to avoid running over your storage space- hooray for the little things!