✨ Closing out the year with Clay

December 2021
With love from the Clay team

As we wish this year farewell, we're excited to share some of the bells, whistles, and magic the Clay team is building for you. We're forever in awe of each of you, and can't to see all you'll build in the new year 🎊

🤩 A fresh look, inspired by you

Over this year we've seen new communities join Clay, and create magical automations with our building blocks. Check out our new website to learn more about the core use cases you've been building, from inbound prioritization, to creative candidate discovery, and lead sourcing.

🌀 Up Next

➡️ Migrating to Clay 2.0

Over January and February, we'll be sunsetting Clay Classic and transitioning all users to Clay 2.0, which includes all you've come to know and love in Classic and so much more.

We'll be sharing additional details over the coming weeks for those looking to transition themselves, but if you'd like 🤝 the support of the Clay team 🤝 click this link and we'll reach out to help migrate your tables to 2.0!

🪄 Sneak Peak: the Clay People Table

Baking in enrichments from 5+ different providers, Clay's new People Table helps you instantly build a full picture of your signups, candidates, or leads!

Simply upload or stream in any email, Linkedin, Twitter or Github profile, and watch this template fill itself with social profiles, emails, title, location, company details & more. We can't wait to share this little magic with you.

🤔How Clay uses Clay — Sourcing beta users

Want to learn how Clay finds communities to launch new features or run positioning experiments? Watch this video to learn how we go from a Crunchbase search, to qualifying ideal companies, and finding contacts so you can have superpowers too 🦸

Thanks for being along for the ride during 2021! Our team wishes you full rest and reflection, as we gear up for a whole new year.

You got to the end so, as always, here's a tune for you.

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