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September 1, 2021
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Introducing Clay's New Interface

Introducing Clay's New Interface

With love from the Clay team

Introducing Clay's New Interface

With love from the Clay team

While we'll be migrating all of our users over the fall, we're jazzed to be currently onboarding teams that have ✨ a waitlist to enrich and prioritize✨. This use case is ideal for those with a product in beta, whose signups are feeling unruly (don't be shy if that's you - that was us, too).

A bunch of new features

We rebuilt Clay from the ground up to be faster, smarter, and easier to navigate, so we're excited to share some slick new features you may just have been asking for:

Cell overwrite

Refine your data right in Clay by overwriting any cell, including extractions from Actions and Sources.

The offer: If you're running a waitlist, let us know! We'll speed track you into the new interface, add you to a table that syncs your signups and enriches them with data like personal LinkedIn, title, company size, and helps you identify your ideal beta users.

Want access this week? Join us on Thursday 9/2 for Clay's Office Hours to learn how to build your dream inbound tool and get immediate access to the new interface. Sign up for office hours here.

Assigned owners

Quickly track who-owns-what by assigning team members in your workspace.

Waterfall action data into one column

Add data from multiple actions into one column in your table, and avoid duplicative data extractions and formula combinations.

🧱Join our new Slack community

You said more community, we said absolutely! Join our new Slack community using this magic link (valid for 30 days), to ask questions, learn from other users, and hear from the Clay team through Q&

As, Founders AMAs & office hours. We have a whole lot in store, for you🌟And with that we want to say simply, thank you. We're grateful for your thoughtful feedback and wild ideas. Stay tuned for more exciting features and, as always, find us at friends@clay.run.