🀝 Join our Clay 2.0 beta

July 2021
With love from the Clay team

We are looking for users interested in testing our revamped UI! We've been teasing our revamped UI and are excited to get you in as soon as humanly possible πŸƒ.

This month we're prioritizing waitlists in the new UI. You would be a great fit for our beta if you need to better understand people and prioritize sign ups. Shoot us over a note if this sounds like you πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘ˆ

Clay 2.0 Sneak Peek - Watch Video ✨

What you can expect:

  • Our new organizations table. No need to set up any actions to get the company enrichment important to you.
  • No more bases. Easily move tables around in your workspace to better organize your team.
  • Smoother import and webhook experience. It's never been easier to get the data important to you into your tables.

πŸ₯ If you're a spreadsheet connoisseur, shoot us an email for early access πŸ§ͺ✨

πŸ¦‹ New formulas on the way

Formulas are an extremely powerful component of Clay. We are working on a cleaner set up experience to give you superpowers and would like to hear from you what would make things feels oh so nice. Send us a note and you can get into the product sooner.

Stay tuned for more exciting changes from the Clay team coming soon 🌞 and, as always, for any suggestions, comments or questions find us at friends@clay.run.

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