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January 20, 2023
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Get Mobile Phone Number
Version 01.10.23

Get Mobile Phone Number

Get Mobile Phone Number

What's new at Clay

Hey friend,

New Year, new features! 🎊 We've been working hard on building out new integrations to give your teams superpowers for 2023.

We're also super pumped to announce that we've been selected as a finalist for the Golden Kitty Awards! We would love your help by upvoting us here.

Now for the good stuff!! 👇

You can now a person's social username/account link to find their personal cell number. This can be done with our Find Mobile Number and Social URLs integration and only requires a link to the person's social media account.

Build workflows faster with Clay's Templates

We've updated our templates library to incorporate new use cases and integrations! These will give you a quick start on workflows like:

  • Getting personal data from a LinkedIn URL
  • Finding open roles from a list of companies
  • Enriching data from our Google Maps and HubSpot sources

Better organize your tables with Descriptions™

You can now add descriptions to your tables! Just click the "i" button next to the table's title and write whatever you want. This feature was recommended by sales team leaders who wanted to make it easier for their team to know the function of every table. Thank you!

Powerful LinkedIn searches via Google

Our new Find and Enrich Person integration only needs a name and a company to find anybody's profile on LinkedIn. You can now pull anything from their profile from title to company size to enrich your leads. Bonus: pull our their company domain then use "Find work email" to complete your workflow. 😉

Find personal email and social URLs

By using just a single social URL, our new integration allows you to find a prospect's personal email as well as other social media URLs they may have. Once running the integration, you can map out all of the results for more contact points.

AI-generated formulas

Not sure which formulas to use in your integrations, or how to implement them? Our AI formulas aim to fix this by suggesting ways to filter through and set conditionals for your data. Just click the "AI" button next to the Formulas box and input a few columns for suggestions.