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Alex Fine 🌲
I'm the Chief Commercial Officer of Understory. We're a premier growth partner that specializes in blending inbound and outbound lead generation tactics to holistically scale B2B tech companies to the next level in their journey.We specialize in creating unique, highly personalized outbound flows and automations that touch on relevant topics specific to each prospect. ‍What makes us different?1. We maximize our client's potential by retargeting engaged outbound prospects via paid media campaigns.2. We don't do autopilot: we constantly evolve and improve campaigns through continuous testing3. We are a technology/software specific company: We use best in-class tactics to generate demand specifically for technology/software companies and have a very in depth understanding of how potential buyers procure new tools.‍We have a wide range of experience in setting up outbound flows from the ground up, as well as optimizing existing ones. Starting with highly creative clay tables, We'll create and manage your entire outbound process and help you achieve your desired outcomes.‍Our go-to tricks in clay for generating high-quality demand for our clients:- Double verifying lead lists- Performing substantial industry and ICP research- Individualized pain points- Highly creative value-add mechanisms- If/then waterfalls- AI powered prompts ‍Whether it's booking quality meetings, driving self-serve subscriptions, driving traffic to landing pages, or something in between, We'll help you get there more efficiently.
$6k - $8k
Outbound campaigns
Content marketing
Inbound lead flows
Paid ads
Frederik Hützen
Hey, I am the Co-Founder of Automindz Solutions. We focus on 3 areas of your business.- Strategy- Lead Generation- Process AutomationOur goal is to enable your sales team to get more stuff done.We start where your business is now.Means we don't just turn on a random campaign and pray.If needed we help to refine your ICP, your offer and messaging.Once all fundamentals are in place we create a campaign strategy.Define channels, lead magnets, messaging sequences and follow ups that work.You'll get some positive replies. They need to be handled.We make sure every response is routed to your sales team.Add all interested leads into your CRM with detailed notes.Notify your team to get in touch with the lead.Data quality and speed is on top of our priority list.There will be a point where you can't handle more leads.So either you put a bunch of people on your payroll...Or add some workflows that make your team more efficient.If the 2nd option sounds better for you...That's where our automation service comes into play.We've built more than 1,000+ of these workflows for sales.We map down your sales process and eliminate inefficiencies.One by one.Lastly we visualize your data for reporting.Making your data work for you.Enabling data based decisions.You'll end up with an automated business development system.- Powered with relevant intent triggers- Hyper-personalized outreach messages- Fully automated workflows that 10x productivityIf you want to know how this can work for your business.Make sure to book a 30-min call with us.You'll walk away with a clear understanding of how we can...- Ramp up your outbound lead generation- Automate your sales process- Turn data into revenueTalk soon!
$4k - $6k
Automation tools (Zapier, Make)
Marketing automations
Inbound lead flows
Outbound campaigns

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