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Brandon Charleson
Brandon is an experienced AI and automation expert specializing in leveraging the latest large language models (LLMs) for sales enablement. With a strong background in sales, marketing, and executive recruiting, Brandon brings a holistic perspective to helping B2B companies grow across all areas of sales, marketing, and talent acquisition.Recognized as a vetted 2023 Top 100 Forbes industry leader, Brandon has consulted with executives and sales teams from organizations of all sizes, ranging from venture-backed startups to Fortune 500 enterprises. His expertise lies in helping these companies source, score, and generate new business prospects. Additionally, he has advised clients on the most effective ways to integrate AI models into their workflows using tools like Clay and other AI/automation platforms.At the core of his approach, Brandon utilizes Clay as the essential data processing and scoring platform to aggregate all relevant data points into highly effective, personalized, and converting outbound workflows that are tailored to each prospect's specific needs and interests.Top of Funnel, Brandon's agency, offers a range of solutions, including:Lead generation and fulfillment:- Setting up and managing inbox infrastructure- Sourcing, scoring, and processing leads- Developing unique and creative Clay workflows (web scraping, webhooks, custom API calls)- Writing effective value proposition and offer copy- Designing AI/automation workflows that go beyond the limits of native Clay integrations- Providing cold email source-to-send copywriting workflowsClay consulting and coaching:Brandon offers customized consulting services on a case-by-case basis, depending on the specific use cases and needs of each business. The primary goal of his consulting services is to help clients internalize and train their existing teams to utilize Clay workflows effectively and scale their operations.
$4k - $6k
Technical email deliverability
Coaching & playbooks
Marketing automations

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