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Hans Dekker

I’ve developed outbound prospecting campaigns for over 200 B2B companies in various industries, ranging from private jet charters to B2B SaaS. As a former Head of Growth & Head of Marketing I know both the world of bootstrapped, lean teams as well as funded sales machines and what it takes to supply each of those with outbound leads.

If you need better results from outbound, chances are I can help. Instead of hiring more SDRs to hit your number, I can implement more scalable outbound playbooks instead.

Here’s why I’m different:

I extensively utilize Clay to assist B2B business owners and sales leaders in creating relevant and unique campaigns, aimed at reaching their ideal clients. With over 10 years of experience working on hundreds of different campaigns, I’m often able to quickly identify the optimal strategy, messaging, and data sources to enhance your outbound efforts.

What makes this a good fit:

- You’re ready to try new angles or ideas

- You have a clear understanding of your ICP(s)

- Your ACV is >$25,000

- Your TAM is >10,000 accounts

What makes this a bad fit:

- If you haven't yet achieved proven results for your clients, it might be best to wait before engaging

- If you aren’t comfortable with me having a big say in the messaging that goes out

- If you’re exclusively targeting enterprise clientsInterested in exploring how I can assist? Don't hesitate to reach out.

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$4500/mo for outsourced prospecting, $425/hour for Clay or automation support

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