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Khaydien Anderson

Hi, I'm Khaydien and handle market development for EMEA at Yotpo. We’re all about creating impactful outbound systems for SaaS businesses aiming at the e-commerce market. Think less fluff, more results – especially for US tech companies looking to expand into the EU.

What We Do:

- Develop high-quality, scalable campaigns for SaaS companies with high AOV products, using Clay for creative campaign design, contact enrichment, and email verification.

- Smartly use CRM and enterprise tools for targeted strategies, integrating Clay to automate workflows for enhanced marketing efficiency.

Who We’re Great For:

SaaS companies, from solid SMBs to larger firms, targeting e-commerce.
Ideal for those needing precise, effective outbound strategies without the unnecessary extras.
Especially suited for businesses ready to break into the EU market.

Services We Offer:

Performance-Based Agency: Booking meetings directly for you on a results-oriented basis.Consulting and Strategy: Offering expert advice and planning to streamline your outbound operations.Clay/Automation Support: Got a tech headache? We're here to help solve your Clay and automation challenges.

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