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Mike Ellis

Hey there! I'm Mike. I started in the world of business development, where the company I was at grew from around $500K to $10M ARR in just two years.

Along the way, I got really into AI, Automation & Lead Enrichment. With the vision of automating boring, time consuming work in sales & business development, I ended up co-founding Kale.

These days, Recruiting companies across North America rely on us for things like job data workflows, MPC marketing systems, and anything else that can cut their sales teams' workloads in half.

Since Clay has come out, I’ve probably spent more time in the platform than I’ve spent sleeping. I would love to help with any projects & always enjoy a good chat!

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We can build just about anything, but when customers come knocking this is typically what they’re asking for:

Business Development & Sales Automations: Investment of 5-15k to build systems, with optional ongoing maintenance and consultation

Custom sales triggers: Starting at 1k/month

Sales/Business Development Automation Consulting: $300/hr

Friendship: Free of Charge 😎