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Enzo Carasso 🧲

About Enzo

Hey there 👋, I’m (Enzo) CEO at Morning Leads, the best outbound studio in the world.

We work with Fortune 500 companies, award-winning B2B agencies, and Global 2000 to help them generate engaged leads (and an ungodly amount of money).

We Can Help You:

  • If you’re a B2B company that never runs cold outbound or barely got any results from it. We’ll build you an entire outbound infrastructure (that you’ll own).
  • If your current CLV (customer lifetime value) is above $4000.
  • If you have systems in place to handle +10 meetings per week.
  • If you need to figure out the right message, trigger and lead magnet.
  • If you need us to help craft an evergreen lead magnet for your outbound campaigns.
  • If you are targeting North America and/or the EU Market.
  • If you have a crystal clear idea of who you are targeting.

What we can help you with:

  • Booking meetings using cold emails and/or cold calling
  • Strategy and Outbound Consulting.
  • Build and integrate your Clay plays inside your organization.

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Enzo Carasso 🧲
Product Expert

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