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Chrome Extension

Turn anywhere on the internet into a new source of leads, candidates, or prospects. Clay's Chrome Extension makes it easy to scrape any website and import directly into a Clay table. In only 2 clicks. Download here.


Want to send data to tools without direct integrations (yet!) with Clay? Our no-code, HTTP API makes it easy to get even more creative with your data.


Connect your inbound signups from Typeform, Webflow, HubSpot and 1,000+ more sources with Clay's built-in webhook.


Import data into your table that you never thought possible: Twitter followers, LinkedIn searches, existing CRMs, live signups, and much more. Connect any live source and watch it populate in real-time!

Query Linkedin

Pull in leads from LinkedIn, without leaving your table. Clay's LinkedIn source lets you search for thousands of qualified leads, then add directly to your tables.

People Table

Add someone's email, LinkedIn, Github, or Twitter and we'll find the rest. The People Table has built in enrichments to find any information on the person and company.

CRM Instant Sync

Sync your data back to your stack with any of our integrations. Clay connects easily with 20+ of your favorite tools (and many more in the works)!

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Public link sharing

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