Find and Enrich Person from Google Search

Find and Enrich Person from Google Search

Enrich a person's data via LinkedIn using a Google Search Query to find the LinkedIn Profile. Note: This action may be slow to produce results. Any data that has not been refreshed in more than 45 days will be pulled live from LinkedIn, which takes additional time to process.
Data Inputs
Search Query
Data Returned
Company Name
Work History
Job Title
Followers Count
and more


You can use Clay to find information through Google about people in your prospecting list. All it takes is running our "Enrich Person from Google Search" LinkedIn integration, selecting which attributes you would like to put into your search query, and running the integration.

After running the integration, you can map out the data that you find important to your Clay table and using it for client outreach, personalization, and more. Happy prospecting!

Two knots in 3D made out of pink and purple clayTwo knots in 3D made out of purple clay

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