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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clay and what makes it magical?


Clay's low-code, super flexible platform that makes it super easy for growth teams to build custom enrichments and workflow automations without requiring engineering time.

We've seen Claymakers use our platform for lead qualifying, managing their waitlists, mapping their Github or Twitter communities, triggering email campaigns, and much more.

How do I get access?


While we're still in beta, we're excited to be onboarding new users and would love to hear from you!

Simply fill out the form below and, if there's a good fit for the current uses cases we're focused on, we'll send you an invite within 24 to 48 hours.

Who is Clay made for?


Claymakers come in all forms. From founders at the earliest stages, to product managers, growth hackers, Clay's flexible and extensible low-code platform allows anyone to build automations.

Clay is also built to be highly extensible for engineers, check out our doc on tapping into Clay's extensibility..

Does Clay provide any kind of support?


Absolutely! Our beta users get access to our Slack community, office hours, and onboarding calls with our team. We'll help you get started and navigate through our product.

Our enterprise plans include private shared slack channels and a dedicated member of the Clay support team.

Email us at if you have any specific questions 🙂.

Can I share tables with my teammates?


Absolutely. Our platform is made for teams. We allow early access users to invite as many of their teammates as they want to their workspace (and recipients will bypass the waitlist).

Happy collaborating! ✨

How much does Clay cost?


Clay has a free welcome plan to get you started building your first automations.

If you decide to upgrade, we offer startup and enterprise plans starting at $49/month per workspace.

What integrations does Clay offer?


You can find the full list of integrations available here, and if you have a tool you'd like to integrate, just let us know!

Are enrichments API keys included?


Yes. All enrichment actions are included in our plans, meaning you do not have to acquire your own API key to use them.

Our enterprise plans do however also offer integrations built out upon request for those with API keys.

Can I use my own API key in Clay?


If you have your own API key for any integration, you are welcome to use it in Clay.

While Clay has partners on our premium enrichments, we do have numerous actions available that we've been built out as users have requested them to use with their own plans (e.g. ZoomInfo, Anymail Finder, etc).

What can't Clay do?


Very little, but some examples which may not be a great fit for Clay at this time: Create customer-facing apps, creating forms (but it can hook right into them)!

We're continuously releasing new features to support our community's requests. Check out our Changelog to learn more.

Why isn't my data export showing all of the columns?


When you run an action, you have to extract the data from action runs for everything to export. The data returned by the Action (e.g. enriched customer) is preview data.

Since you cannot export preview data, you'll have to extract into its own cell (e.g. Text column). Watch this video to learn more.

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