How to: build your dream inbound management tool

Clay is made not only to enrich and prioritize your leads on Clay, but also build wonderful workflow automations such as email campaigns, Slack notifications, product invites, and much more.

Add users to email campaigns

With Clay, you can simply add new users to your email campaigns via a button click or new record created.

In the video below, we show how our marketing team uses Clay to accept users off our waitlist through a simple button click with

  1. Add the action and authenticate the account to your account
  2. Set the inputs to the customer's email and any other data you want to send to You can similarly send any other data pulled or enriched from Clay such as their first name, job title, or anything that'd be helpful for your personalized emails.
  3. In the run settings, set the action to run on a button click so you can selective choose who you invite to your product. You can also trigger by new rows being created if you want to trigger emails without review.
  1. Waalaa! Within you'll notice for your new user that their attribute waitlistaccept is equal to accept. You can now set up email campaigns on their platform that trigger based on this attribute (or whichever you choose to send to

Clay is compatible with many other email platforms such as Mailchimp, Mailshake, outreach and more. Check out the full list on our integrations page.

Add or update users in your existing CRM

Clay also connects with your existing CRM software to update or create new records. Many of our users will pull data into Clay, enrich their list, then send the data into Hubspot to have more data on their leads. As with any integration, you'll need to first authenticate your account before sending over data.

Create a sales qualifying formula for new leads

Automate your lead scoring and use a checkbox to identify qualified leads based on certain properties in your table ⚡️ Here are a few examples to get you started:

And now, get creative and combine! Once you've set up all of your individual checkbox columns, add a Final Scoring using a chain of operators to flow through the qualification logic.

Send a Slack notification for new signups

Want to keep on top of your waitlist or inbound? Automate Slack notifications through Clay's Slack integration.

Learn more about Clay's use-cases

Want to learn more of Clay's inbound management use-cases? Join our waitlist and get special access to our Slack community for beta members. We'll host office hours and other events to show you how to make the most of Clay ✨.

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