The primitives: the four components of Clay

Magic lives here

Clay is a flexible connected spreadsheet, built to help you automate your prospecting, prioritize your sign-ups, unify your customer data and build extensible internal tooling. By easily connecting tools in your existing stack, third party APIs and enrichment services, you too can build a spreadsheet that fills itself in minutes — all without any code.

Core components of Clay

The Clay platform is made up of four core components that automate your prospecting and unify your customer data.

1.  Tables

The Clay Table will be familiar to users of other table-based products, with a spreadsheet like interface offering a friendly UI to stitch your integrations together and move data around.

2.  Actions

The growing library of Clay Actions lets you enrich your data using existing API integrations (e.g. Clearbit, Hunter, ZoomInfo) or exclusive Clay scrapers (e.g. find all employees in a role). They are also designed to help you keep customer data up-to-date across your stack by cross-checking leads and pushing qualified ones straight into your tooling (e.g. Salesforce, Outreach, Apollo, GCal, Hubspot).

3.  Sources

Clay Sources help you run live data straight into Clay from across the internet, whether through simple webhooks (e.g. new user signups), forms (Typeform responses), sync-ing to your CRM (Hubspot, Salesforce) & much more. Sources update your table periodically, keeping your data fresh.

4.  Chrome extension

The Chrome Extension is key part of creating a table that fills itself. While Actions fill columns, the Chrome Extension helps you fill rows by growing your world of customers. Turn the internet into a data source by detecting lists on any website and sending them straight to Clay.

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