How to: set up Clay formulas

The Basics

Adding a formula column

Inserting fields to your column

Types of formulas

1. Operators

Run simple calculations like a + b, a * b, a / b, a != b

👇 More Javascript operators we support below

2.  Primitives

Run formulas combining different types of data:

3. Adding in code

Clay formulas can support:

Common use cases

Putting the pieces together, we've aggregated a few common formula examples and how to write them here to get you to get you started.

Aggregate multiple columns into one column

Split a column into two

Add a condition to running an action

Sanitize URLs

Show a checkbox based on a condition

Advanced formulas

Formulas offer broad and powerful ways of transforming or manipulating your data (there is very little they cannot do). For those looking to achieve a little more with formulas, check out the examples below or reach out on, the chat button below, or Slack.

Tier or filter your data by grouping

Consolidate an array of items into a comma separated list

Find tools used by keyword


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