Find new customers

Create lists of potential leads from any website and automate away all the tedious data gathering that slows down your qualifying.
Pull in lists from any website

The internet is your oyster. Pull in lists from any website and enrich them as new leads.

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Twitter followers & mentions

Stream in, track and enrich Twitter mentions or new followers of your company.

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Shopify vendors & stores

Identify Shopify hosted stores and segment by SKUs, average price, location and more.

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Open job roles

Find high intent prospects by identifying companies hiring for specific roles, and the right contact.

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Your Instagram Community

Map your instagram followers and filter for location, bio keywords and more, in a couple of clicks.

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Target tools in tech stack

Discover ideal users according to whether they use specific tools in their stack or not.

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Prioritize inbound leads

Develop an immediate understanding of your inbound and spend time with the users that are most important to you.
New email signups

Stream new sign ups to Clay and custom enrich to fit your ideal customer profile.

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Substack newsletter

Upload and enrich your subscribers to discover the believers supporting you.

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Ideal customers in Slack

Automagically filter qualified signups in Clay and surface for your team in Slack.

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Product Hunt Launch

Import and expand your launch upvotes and comments to quantify your reach.

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Mailchimp Subscribers

Cross check user signups with mailchimp campaigns to identify your most curious subscribers.

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Typeform responses

Send in your responses, identify your most engaged users and make your surveys actionable.

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Understand your communities

Engage your painstakingly built communities more deeply to grow your believers in to user interviews or customers.
LinkedIn shared network

Import your team's networks, search by roles or companies, and find the best routes to leads.

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Github repos stargazers

Stream in Stargazers, map their engagement with your repos, and filter for personas based on keywords.

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Slack shared channels

Keep track of your shared slack channels, customer conversations and engagement metrics all in one place.

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