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Brigitta Ruha

Built and scaled repeatable, scalable growth engines for 25+ companies, driving $10m+ in the pipeline. Former Head of Growth - been building scalable channels for more than 4 years. Whether you need outsourced outbound engine, or want to bring the most out of your reps and drive AI driven ABM, or both, we can help!

How we’re different:

1. Saas Playbook

2. We know programmatic outbound as well as sales-enabled motion playbook

3. Extension of your team

Additional services:

1. RevOps [HubSpot & all sales tech, inbound]

2. Ads

3. Coaching/consulting

4. Custom scraping


Pricing starts at

- $4.540/mo for ‘outsourced prospecting’

- $500/hour for consulting

- Ads: starts from $1.5k

- RevOps: custom [advisory projects, sales fast track]

Early Stage Startups
, Recruiting
, Recruiting