Getting Started In Clay
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Getting Started with Clay

Getting Started with Clay

This tutorial will teach you how to use Clay end-to-end including: finding companies and people, enriching with 50+ data providers, qualifying leads, creating hyper-personalized messages with AI, and using formulas.

Matthew Quan
14 min.

Hi, and welcome to Clay! In this video, we go through everything you need to know to start using Clay effectively. A few different things we cover here:

- Finding companies to enrich
- Enriching company data
- Qualifying companies
- Finding people within companies
- Using Clay Data Points
- Creating hyper-personalized messages at scale
- Using formulas
... and more!

Matthew gives several step-by-step examples in this tutorial to show you the insane amount of things that are possible when using Clay. We hope this tutorial helps you find more leads, reach out to more people, and close more deals with Clay. Happy prospecting!

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