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Overview: Company Data Enrichment

Matthew Quan

Now that you’ve got companies in Clay it’s time for a bit more magic.

As you may already know, Clay gives you access to 50+ providers. This means, all you need is a Clay account to enrich your companies (and eventually people) with all the data you could imagine.

Tech stack, open jobs, fundraising amount, recent news → All of these datapoints and more are fair game in the world of Clay.

Before we dive in, there are 2 main reasons we’ve seen users enrich companies:

  1. Better qualify your leads!
    1. If you know you work best with companies who: have raised a Series A, have seen positive headcount growth over the last 3 months, currently use AWS → Don’t waste time on companies who don’t fit exactly that ICP! Enrich → Qualify → Cut out bad fits.
  2. Find information to use to personalize messaging
    1. Enrich companies with news articles, find their open jobs, find their tech stack → Use all of this and more in your outreach. For example: “Saw you have 4 open BDR roles - curious if you’ve ever thought about automating the initial prospecting work?”

Now what do you need to start with company level enrichments?

For most all company enrichments, all you need is the company domain to get started. If you don’t have the company domain - not to worry! Use our Domain waterfall to find a company domain given a company name.

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