We're molding Clay, join us.

Building configurable software is no easy feat. It takes a huge amount of creativity, discipline and attention to detail. It also takes a team of brilliant minds collaborating, supporting and learning from each other.

If any of these roles sound intriguing or you're curious about what we're building, visit our Lever or simply email us at friends@clay.run.

About Clay

Clay is built on the belief that software is best built by those closest to a problem.

At its core, we're building a new type of platform that makes programming more accessible so that people across organizations, whether operations, sales, recruiting or growth, can solve their own problems in the way that works best for them.

We're starting off by making it easy to configure software to source and prospect people and companies — pulling data from any source into a spreadsheet, connecting to any database or tool, and flexibly automating core workflows alongside existing tools.

If you care about making programming more accessible, come help us build everything that comes next!

Working at Clay

Based out of a spacious sunlit loft in Williamsburg, we're big on taking care of our team and always excited to hear different ideas that can help us to do this better.

Competitive salary and role trajectory.

Roles, responsibilities, and comp grow as we do.

Health insurance.

Fully funded, high quality health, dental and vision coverage.

Visa sponsorship.

We get it - it's an arduous process, but we're not scared of it.

Flexible schedules and paid time off.

Work-life balance matters, and we make it happen.

Company retreats.

US based until the real world returns, but prior years incl. Costa Rica.

Personal comfort.

Order whatever equipment you think will help you work more enjoyably.

Remote work.

Open to remote, although we prefer people being in-person.

Building at Clay

We often talk of Clay as a fluid computational canvas that lets everyone get more done, with less engineering time required. These are some of the ways that we’re approaching creating configurable software.

Low floor, high ceiling

Instantly knowable infinitely masterable, we believe that the best tools are both easy to get started with and instill in their users a small sense of awe and infinite possibility. 

Composable complexity

Our users are creative. When we design the right, simple building blocks, they are able to build complex workflows beyond our wildest dreams.

Reward curiosity

With every login, touchpoint, workflow creation, users are on a journey of discovery. The more they use Clay, the more they should be excited to explore as there is more to learn and to do.

Magic lives here.
We can't wait to make incredible things with you.

Join us!