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We’re building the world's first creative go-to-market platform. We’re a team of designers, engineers, and GTM experts. We're also aspiring DJs, writers, social workers & more.
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Clay brand asset shaped as a whimsical landscape with rainbows and trees made out of 3D clay components

Find your target audience

Every campaign starts with a target list. Teams can pull existing leads or customers from their CRM—or use 10+ sources in Clay to build their own prospecting lists of companies, people, or jobs.

Nail your data enrichment

Clay consolidates 75+ major enrichment tools into one credit-based marketplace. Teams can query multiple providers at once to find the best coverage on any data point—from contact info to firmographics.

Then, they can use AI to clean data and scrape the web for new research (see if a company is B2B, SOC-II compliant, has positive Google reviews, etc).

Automate personalized outreach at scale

AI can help automate personalized outreach at scale for any campaign use case. Better targeting, personalization, and message quality means more meetings booked!

Who we are

We're a kind, creative, and close-knit team. We have quiet egos, growth mindsets, and love tackling interesting problems together.
The Clay Crew  ···
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Nicholai 🚎
Software Engineer 💻
Fearless Mover 🥾
Lele Xu 🦾
Growth 📈
Addicted to Weee! 📦
Andrew 👉
GTM Engineer 🚀
Clay Beat Maker 🎧
Osman 🌀
GTM Systems ⚙️
Jessica 💁🏽‍♀️
Technical Recruiter 📑
Curl Wrangler ➰
Tong-Tong 👽
GTM Engineer 🚀
Goddess of Love 💗
Alex 🤠
GTM Engineer 🚀
BBQ Pitmaster 🍖
Tomi 🇦🇷
Customer Success 😀
Mate Distributor🧉
Jess 🔥
Head of CX 😀
Office Dog Mom 🐶
Anna 🍣
Software Engineer 💻
Enthusiastic Tea Collector 🍵
David 🤸‍♂️
Software Engineer 💻
Hoarder of Books 📚
Anna 🧸
Software Engineer
Burrito Cat 🐈‍⬛
Dorothy 🧗🏻‍♀️
Product Support 😊
Email Wizard 🧙‍♀️
Brandon 🤠
Software Engineer 💻
Fastest Fingerguns in the West 👉
Everett 🙈
GTM Lead 🚀
Bad Golfer 🏌️
Franchesca ✨
Recruiting Coordinator 📑
Married to Reality TV 🤭
Pranav 🤙
Growth 📈
Link Collector Extraordinaire 🔗
Tommy 🌌
Growth 📈
Energy drink connoisseur 🍾
Sara ✌️
Brand Engineer, Web Lead 🖌️
Swedish Fish 🐠
Zona 🧘‍♀️
Lifecycle Marketing 📢
Cat-Feeding Captain 🐈
Sarah 💅
Software Engineer 💻
Lizard 🦎
Sagar 🏀
GTM Engineer 🚀
Confused granola city boy 🥣
Peter 📸
Social & Community 🎆
Early Stage Lego Addict 🧱
George 🫓
Customer Success 😀
Diplomat from Stamford 🏛️
Varun 🔮
Co-Founder 💫
Lover of racket sports 🏓
Eric 🌳
Software Engineer 💻
One-handed typing expert 🤌
Adam 🌟
Software Engineer 💻
Poker Enthusiast ♣️
Kareem 🧘‍♂️
Founder ⭐️
Acai bowl expert 🫐
Mark 🐉
Software Engineer 💻
Office DJ 🎶
Roger 🍟
Software Engineer 💻
Acai bowl lover 🫐
Brian 🚣‍♀️
Software Engineer 💻
Compost Bin 🥯
Juan 🌴
Software Engineer 💻
Bongo Novice 🥁
Yash 💅
GTM Engineer 🚀
Board game geek 🎲
Jason 😼
Software Engineer 💻
Head of Clay AR/VR 😎
Matthew 🏄‍♀️
GTM Engineer 🚀
Team Jazz Hands 🎷
Karan ⚽️
Software Engineer 💻
Mayor of NYC 🗽
Tess 🎧
Software Engineer 💻
Hudson River Swimmer 🏊‍♀️
Keethu 💫
Software Engineer 💻
Sofia Coppola Wannabe 💃
Colin 😎
Software Engineer 💻
Masala's dog dad 🐶
Josh 👩‍🌾
Data Scientist 🧪
Wannabe Bike Guy
Maggie 🪩
Software Engineer 💻
Takeout-order extraordinaire 🥡
Luna 🌙
Software Engineer 💻
Resident woodland fairy ✨
Mishti 🏔
Product Marketing 📣
Human Yerba Maté 🏄‍♀️
Arturo 🌇
Customer Success 😀
Head of Food 🍛
Anjali ✈️
Customer Success 😀
Resident grandma 🧶
Bruno 🤟
Growth Marketing 🔥
Professional ice cream taster 🍦
Stefan 🔧
GTM Engineer 🚀
Cape Town Office Chef 🧑‍🍳
Nefaur 🧐
Design 🎨
Feral Creature 👹

Life at Clay

We're a team with a huge range of interests—and we love sharing them with one another!
team photos

Hiking the Catskills

At our team retreat in August, we hiked in beautiful upstate NY and even caught a sunrise together.

DJ Fridays

On Fridays at 5pm, we turn the lights off and the music on! DJ Fridays are our longest-running ritual.

Bring your parents to work day

Clay wouldn't exist without our parents—so we brought them all in for a surprise celebration in August.

Playing tennis

We love playing sports together, from our Clay soccer team to tennis (pictured here in Hawaii!)

Coding & snuggles

Sometimes, the best way to ship a PR is with a puppy by your side. We are a dog friendly office.

Halloween at work

Halloween in the office, featuring Bad Bunny, Kendall Jenner, Steve Irwin, and more characters!

Board games nights

We love a good board game session — from Catan to Dune to Dungeons & Dragons.

Holiday party

Our 2023 theme was "1920s meets Japanese chic" — full of good music, tarot card readings, a live Butoh performance, and more.

Our values

Kindness and creativity run deep at Clay. We care about bringing out the brightest parts of one another and building world class products.
We practice compassion for all
We bring out the brightest in one another
We build world class products
We have quiet egos

Our benefits

Kindness and creativity run deep at Clay. We care about bringing out the brightest parts of one another, quieting our egos, and building work class products.
Competitive salary and role trajectory
Your roles, responsibilities, and compensation will grow as we do.
Health insurance
Fully funded, high quality health, dental and vision coverage—including 80-100% coverage on therapy.
Visa and greencard sponsorship
We know it can be an arduous process, but we're here to help you succeed. 
Flexible schedules & unlimited paid time off
Work-life balance matters. We expect everyone to take 3 weeks off and are flexible for more.
Socials & retreats
We love hanging out—from DJ Fridays to daily team lunches to soccer. We also gather in-person at a special retreat each year.
Personal comfort
Order whatever equipment you think will help you work more enjoyably.
Flexible in-person culture
We love working in-person, though we're open to remote for certain roles. Everyone is welcome to work 4 weeks remotely.
Parental and family benefits
We support current and future parents with IVF fertility benefits, egg freezing, and 4 months of paid parental leave.

Press and awards

The word is spreading — read about us in the news below.

Vibrant, growing community of customers

Our customers speak for themselves about the value of Clay.
K. Rudeegraap
CEO of Sendoso
A lot of CROs & CMOs are now rethinking their GTM model and looking to automate their outbound. We found that was possible with Clay. Implementing Clay allowed our team to spend their hours better, responding to warm leads and managing inbound more effectively, instead of doing manual repetitive tasks.
K. Rasmussen
Head of Sales, ChatMetrics
I’ve found incalculable ROI in Clay for our outbound efforts. It used to take us 10min to fully prospect a company, and we could only do 30 companies a day. Clay has automated all the tedious, repeatable work we were doing. Instead of doing 30 companies a day, I can do 10,000
A. Bennaceur
CEO at Attention
Without Clay, we would never be able to grow at the same speed as are today. We heavily rely on it for our outbound, our intent workflows, our lead capture and inbound enrichment, and all the internal tools that we have built for our sales team. Clay has become the must-have of the decade for any growth-marketing and revenue operation team.
E. Nowoslawski
Founder of Growth Engine X
Clay has cracked how to use GPT to do real-time research. No database has the info that Claygent can give you while live-scraping the web. We recently had to filter 35k accounting firms to see who served e-commerce companies. Instead of hiring a VA to manually check each page, Claygent did all of the heavy lifting for us.

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Clay brand asset shaped as a 3D group of abstract objects made out of purple and pink clayClay brand asset shaped as a 3D group of abstract objects made out of purple and pink clay

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