Build targeted lead lists with your growth co-pilot

Clay simplifies your prospecting by bringing together the top 50+ data providers (access included!) into a simple spreadsheet. No more messy CSVs, expensive API keys, or tedious cross checking.

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Build amazing prospect lists in minutes

Let go of the manual work, messy spreadsheets, and siloed tools.

Connect signups from Webflow
Pull in hundreds of qualified profiles
Pull in thousands of twitter profiles

Pull in leads from anywhere.

Find leads and opportunities from 20+ sources including LinkedIn, Crunchbase, and even your CRM.

Enrich. Scrape leads across the internet

Use Clay's Chrome Extension to scrape lists from any website and import leads with one click.

Find company size and revenue
Find email, first name, title, and company
Find name, title, and years of experience

Enrich with people and company data.

Choose from 150+ attributes on people and companies and watch your table magically fill itself.

Send qualified leads a welcome email
Add qualified leads to your CRM
Automate a DM to qualified leads

Connect back to your existing tools.

Create powerful automations connecting to 1,000+ tools. All within a simple spreadsheet.

Get data from anywhere

+200 more tools 👀

Templates give you superpowers

Find key decision makers at any company with just a website URL

Search and query leads directly into Clay, then enrich to find their contact information.

Send a Slack notification when a qualified lead signs up

Enrich leads with company and people data, then create a formula to qualify leads and trigger a Slack notification for your sales team.

Instantly enrich each new sign up with people or company data in Hubspot

Clay enriches your leads automatically the second they enter your CRM to fill in any missing attributes.

Automate personalized email campaigns for your inbound signups

Pull in leads automatically from your inbound to enrich and automate personalized campaigns.

Send your sales team a notification when qualified leads sign up

Enrich leads with company and people data, then create a formula to qualify leads and trigger a Slack notification for your sales team.

Immediately enrich each new sign up with people or company data in Hubspot

Connect a HubSpot live source to automatically enrich and update your contacts.

Find qualified leads from your company's LinkedIn connections

Pull in your LinkedIn connections, then find connections that work for qualified companies.

Scrape lists of companies from any website, then find which use a competitor

Scrape leads with Clay's Chrome extension, then get creative with your outbound by enriching to find what tools they use.

Enrich existing leads in Hubspot with names, titles, employee count and more

Find opportunities from your existing leads within HubSpot or other CRM tool.

Find number of open roles and employees from a company URL

Start with a company's website to find key hiring and growth data for your recruiting or sales.

Find the people and companies of any Repo’s Github Stargazers

Pull in lists of Stargazers for any repo, then enrich to find their name, company, role, and email.

Stream in your twitter followers, sort for potential candidates

Pull in leads from Twitter, Github, and LinkedIn, then find their experience and company to qualify candidates.

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What our community is saying

This is insane. Can you just invoice me now? We're buying.
Nolan Church, Co-founder at Continuum, Ex-Head of Talent at Doordash, Carta (Not actually an impulsive buyer)
This tool has so much potential. It's just so fun. I was flying from Boston to SF and the whole flight I was just playing around in my workspace. There are so many possibilities and I just loved messing with everything!!
Frank Dolan, Founder at ARSENAL Life Science, Frequent flyer from coast to coast
When I first saw Clay in a demo, I said 'OMG!' It's a magical product. I mean, I literally joined the company because of how cool and transformative I think it is.
Varun Anand, Ex-Director of Ops at Newfront Insurance (So obsessed he literally joined our team and you should too)