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Automate your prospecting, enrich your customers, and unify your customer data. Fast.
  • Enrich existing leads and creatively find new ones

  • Stream in any data from the web and super- target your prospecting

  • Sync data to and from your existing tools and improve customer operations

Hear from our users — Finding customers

The brilliant team at Bulletin creatively built a table to automatically grow both sides of their ecommerce marketplace.

"Clay saved us so much manual work and is helping us streamline our growth workflows across the board. From finding and qualifying new leads, to better understanding and engaging with existing users. It's pretty wild."
Ali Kriegsman, Co-Founder and COO, Bulletin

Try it yourself

  • Discover  the people and companies starring your Github repos

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  • Stream in signups and enrich to prioritize onboardings

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  • Identify Shopify stores in a list of ecommerce sites and pull key metrics

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Pulling structured data from any website as easily as copy paste.

No more copying and pasting from countless tabs or writing custom scrapers. Whether lists of people and companies from directories, search engines or any website, Clay already understands the web.

Try it yourself

  • Cross-check new leads against your CRM to avoid that double outreach

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  • Map your team's shared LinkedIn network to optimize your prospecting

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  • Stream in Typeform signups and rank respondents by company size

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Flexible beyond your wildest dreams.

For the tinkerers and developers, integrate with your SaaS apps, internal APIs and databases, and easily extend Clay with custom code that runs right in your tables
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Some things we're thinking about

The Clay Team
Dec 4, 2020

The History of Spreadsheets, and a Glimpse of Their Future

Mapping the ways that the core idea behind spreadsheets—to help people technically solve problems without knowing how to code—is now being realized in more powerful ways than ever before.

The Clay Team
Nov 3, 2020

User Research in your Niche Communities (Without Breaking Trust)

It starts with understanding who to approach with precision - based on deep insights into your individual community members - and then, doing so with humanity, humility, and curiosity.

The Clay Team
Dec 1, 2020

Finally… Search your Team’s Shared LinkedIn Network

They say that the ability to focus on the right people and companies daily is what separates those who build faster. With LinkedIn, prospecting is knowing where to put your effort, starting with lead scoring and mapping your team’s shared network connections.

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