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Cody Carnes

LIVE demo here: B2B TikTok agency going from $33k/m to $200k+/m in 12 months with 90%+ of their clients coming from this in-house cold outbound system is our best case study. Trusted by Alex Berman, David Riggs, Alex Heiden, Stephen Olmon — and many other SaaS companies & B2B companies.If you’ve never run any cold outbound or minimal results — we’ll build your outbound infrastructure from scratch.If you’re already running cold outbound and or have SDRs — we’ll inject our done-for-you stack ( implementation/consulting) into your workflowOffer #1: Unlimited Implementation/Plays | $5,000/m

👉 Cold Outbound Infrastructure Build

👉 Done-For-You Lead Lists (look at live demo)

👉 Script building (email copywriting sequence, outbound scripts, A/B testing etc)

👉 1-on-1 Slack Channel Access

👉 Hands-on SDR recruiting, ongoing training, placement & full cycle outbound process initiation

👉 Free access to my 2 new SaaS companies launching in July

👉 Warm inbound lead enrichment campaign (Contact form to follow up campaign in seconds)

Offer #2: Custom Done-For-You Enriched List Building | $500/m [price will *never* be this low

✅ List of 500 custom lead/m in your ICS (Ideal Customer Situation

✅ Client portal to track & order new lists

✅ [Look at "Live Demo" for example]

✅ Email Support

Free 30 minute Outbound Audit/Strategy CallGet 500 custom leads here for FREE:

Email for custom projects or book a call above.[site coming out in April 2024]

  • $5000 one-time fee for a Done-For-You In House Outbound Build: Infrastructure, List Building, Sequences.(So you can send 10,000 targeted emails/m for $200/m> tech costs)
  • $497/hour for consulting(Cold email, Clay etc)
  • $197/m for handpicked companies delivered with active job postings you choose(10+ enriched data sources, scraped every 24 hrs)
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