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Deep Singh

Deep is 6x Startup Leader (Seed - Unicorn) and Co-Founder of a 7-figure recruitment firm. He has generated $560 mn+ in revenue throughout his career. He helps recruitment agencies leverage AI and Automation to scale client outreach, candidate sourcing, screening, and streamline internal operations.

What do we do?

1. Mentor and coach agency owners to become Clay Experts.

2. Craft programmatic personalised outreach campaigns to build new client pipeline on auto-pilot.

3. Build Workflows, Scrapers, Automations and Internal Tools to optimize your operations and software costs.

Our Tech Stack:

Clay, BrowseAI, Phantombuster, Apify, Zapier, Make, Airtable, Frontly, Softr, Voiceflow and Top 1% Human IQ


1. Clay Bootcamp  (

2. Building sales pipeline and automation - starting $4000 per month

3. Clay, No-code or Automation Consultation: $350 per hour

USA and Canada
AI Outreach, Seed Stage Startups
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