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Jordan Crawford

I have been an official Clay advisor for 2+ years. I exclusively build bespoke TAM (total addressable market) lists, highly targeted leads lists, and can take any unstructured data on the public web and turn it GTM gold. Here are some bullet points:

1. Find and score (with AI) 100-500k companies

2. Can pull all X type of companies in the US

3. Find, score, and summarize leads lists

In addition I have my own bespoke data sets including technographics (50k technologies from 1M companies and can sort entire market’s worth of data based on published pain as described in their job posts (25M historical jobs).Learn more at or message me on LinkedIn.


I’m the most expensive person on this list, but also have more capabilities than any other agency I know. But, you shouldn’t trust me—the proof is in the pudding. I charge $2k for a one-time list of 500-2k of your best prospects using any of my data or data from the public web.

Early Stage Startups
Growth or RevOps agencies