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Roshan Kathir

Hey there, I'm the co-founder of Kale Acquisition! We work WITH your team to build scalable long-term data solutions - our focus is on building systems that can reliably bring in consistent lead flow and not just generate leads in the short-term.

I was a data engineer before joining forces with Mike Ellis (another Clay Expert! a 2-for-1 deal if you will), so I've spent a ton of time transforming complex data landscapes into streamlined and intuitive systems.

Our unique skillset around managing and integrating data into new & existing systems allows us to creatively leverage AI, automation, and lead sourcing and enrichment tools, to solve your data & workflow problems!


We can build just about anything you can think of, but as a rule of thumb:

- Business Development & Sales Automations: $5-15k per project, with optional ongoing retainer for maintenance and consultation

- Custom sales triggers: Starting at $500/month

- Sales/Business Development Automation Consulting: $300/hr

- Friendship: FREE!

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