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Roshan Kathir

I spend most of my day practicing the dark arts of data wizardry, turning complex data challenges into a walk in the park. I've hung my hat at software companies big and small, so I’ve seen how data is used at various scales. There’s lots of room for creativity in system design, and that’s where I come in :)

Nowadays, we’re modernizing recruiting companies and helping them wave goodbye to the many manual processes they’re used to. Our goal is to turbocharge your business development from A to Z — be it in prospecting, researching, or outreach. We can build virtually anything you can think of to save your sales team loads of time - leveraging job posting data, streamlining candidate marketing … the possibilities are endless!

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We can build just about anything you can think of, but as a rule of thumb:

- Business Development & Sales Automations: $5-15k per project, with optional ongoing retainer for maintenance and consultation

- Custom sales triggers: Starting at $500/month

- Sales/Business Development Automation Consulting: $300/hr

- Friendship: FREE!