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Sean Miller

Sean primarily works with B2B pre-seed and startup companies to help build automated SalesOps pipelines that work directly with HubSpot (inbound) and Instantly (outbound). When it comes to optimizing a CRM to identify when customers are ready to make a purchase, Sean uses a combination of Clay, custom APIs, and HubSpot to ensure your founders and sales team have the indicators necessary to sell at the appropriate times.

Sean is currently working as the Lead Growth Strategist at, a distributed cloud computing platform built entirely using residential gaming computers. He’s also founded his own agency called Pulse Marketing, which helps startups and nonprofits build innovative outreach campaigns and optimize CRMs.

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Average project pricing ranges from $5K to $10K, depending on complexity (HubSpot automation, Clay enrichment, outbound campaigns, lead generation)

Hourly work for solving smaller projects: $250/hr