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Taylor Haren

Taylor, the founder of Sales Automation Systems (SAS), is an expert in outbound sales. In its first year, SAS achieved an ARR of half a million dollars, specializing in scalable cold email infrastructure, list-building, and AI personalization for B2B companies.

Taylor's journey started in staffing, generating $8.19 million in sales from 2019 to 2021 and $14.1 million in 2022 via AI and sales automation. These achievements led him to establish Sales Automation Systems LLC (SAS) in 2023.

Recognized as a Certified Partner by Smartlead, a Clay Expert for AI Personalization, and a trusted advisor to the top US Marine Recruiter District, Taylor's success is driven by his expertise in sales, outbound marketing, and AI personalization. SAS currently manages over 1000 domains for B2B sales teams and is the primary outbound cold email vendor for rapidly growing SaaS companies like []( and [](

Taylor's growth is all referral-based, and a true testament to his cold email and sales skills as he now serves over 70 customers. His combination of sales knowledge, market understanding, and AI-driven tools continue to deliver excellent client results.


Starts at $14K per month
Custom Packages for part time work available

Lead Generation:
Starts at $7K per month

Cold Email Infrastructure:
Approximately $500 per month, per 1000 emails per day

Bespoke list building available upon request.

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AI Outreach, Seed Stage Startups
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