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Xavier Caffrey

Hey hey! I am the founder of The Cold Message, a lead gen agency that helps B2B companies make their cold messages feel warm.
I feel very lucky to have been an early adopter and a power user of the platform so I got to become an expert at Clay and have used it to service over 20 clients.
Why the cold message?

  • You can expect to get your first lead within 10 days of working with us
  • We make sure to have the fundamentals checked before we implement the tech
  • Building Clay tables feels like play for us.

Why NOT the cold message?

  • You’re not willing to offer a lead magnet to your leads
  • Your customer LTV is less than $4K
  • You still think you should send all of your sales emails from one domaine ( just kidding please message me asap is that’s the case)

Xavier’s resources

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Full outbound prospecting starts at $5K/month. Outbound sales consulting calls start at $375/hour.

• Free Clay migration & implementation and assessment to understand scope of work.

• We don’t start charging until we start sending

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