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April 14, 2024

What is the auto-dedupe:

Auto-dedupe let's you make sure that there are no duplicate records within a table. This will be rolled out in phases:

In phase 1, we will roll out auto-dedupe the LI URL of a Find Companies table
In phase 1.5, auto-dedupe will be rolled out to the LI URL of Find People and Find Companies search as well
In phase 2 auto-dedupe will be available on all tables, and a user can configure any column in a table to be the auto-dedupe column

What the main benefits are:

This will ensure that a table will always have a unique set of records in a table. The way this is helpful is that:

- The data in your table is kept clean by deleting all duplicates from the table

- Credits will be saved by not enriching the same user/company twice

Where it is the feature:You will be able to find this feature in any Find Companies Search Table

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