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Sean Miller

About Sean

Hey there! I’m Sean, the founder of Sail Marketing. We’re helping companies from the enterprise to startup level grow their sales and marketing orgs with the help of Clay!

Sail Marketing’s primary service offering is Clay-as-a-service. For a set monthly fee, you’ll get unlimited growth requests & Clay table builds.

Instead of spending hours and hours to become a Clay expert, we'll bring that expertise in-house.

You tell us what you want to get done in Clay, and we have that up-and-running within 72-hours guaranteed.

The best part? We're not just Clay builders - we're here to assist with outbound email, RevOps, and CRM enrichment too!

We specifically work with founders, VPs of Sales, VPs of Marketing, and RevOps teams to integrate Clay into their existing tech stacks and make the most of their monthly plans!

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Sean Miller
Product Expert

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