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Siddhant Bhansali

About Siddhant

Sid Bhansali is a seasoned outbound marketing expert specializing in B2B growth strategies. With a background in both startup ventures and established companies, Sid brings a wealth of experience in driving go-to-market initiatives to fruition.

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1. Mentorship and Coaching: Become a proficient Clay Expert yourself through personalized mentorship and coaching sessions. Learn from a former Clay Coach and Instructor at ClayBootcamp!

2. Programmatic Outreach Campaigns: Get your business on autopilot by creating automated and scalable outreach campaigns. Performance-based service ensures that we win only when YOU win!

3. White-labeled Team: Superpower your agency by incorporating our team's knowledge and experience within your organization for your clients. Our team becomes YOUR team!

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Siddhant Bhansali
Product Expert

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