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Siddharth MV

About Siddharth

Hey there! We work with B2B SaaS and software companies in general to build GTM engines and automated outbound systems. Market positioning, offer creation and messaging strategy is crucial to finding message-market fit and we focus on this. Moreover, by leveraging AI, buying intent and triggers on the internet, we create personalized and targeted outbound campaigns to validate our strategy and build new client pipeline.

Why should you work with us?

  • Helped with GTM (market positioning, offer creation and ICP segmentation) and outbound to find message-market fit for early-stage YC-backed startups.
  • Ran successful outbound campaigns for established companies making >$70M ARR to build sales pipeline.
  • Targeted dozens of industries.
  • We've connected our clients with giants like Amazon, Samsung, Deloitte, PwC, Hilton and Hershey's to name a few.

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Siddharth MV
Product Expert

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