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Minh Nguyen 🍋

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Why Lead Lemonade?

Results guaranteed → We don’t take on a client unless we know we will deliver.

No nickel and diming → No yearly minimum contract, setup fees, etc.

We treat you like gold → We keep our client base small so you get a personalized experience.

Clear Expectations → Never feel like you have to keep bothering us to get updates. We also talk to you and your team like real human beings.

What's my story?

I started my first company 10 years ago. With 0 clients and 0 revenue, I personally sent out cold emails one by one.

One of them got back to me, and it turned into a 6 figure contract in my first week of business.

Since then, my friends and colleagues have asked me how I generate leads, and it eventually turned into Lead Lemonade.

How do I trust you?

It can be scary to work with a marketing company, especially if you've been burned in the past. I've been in your shoes each time I hire a company to perform work for me.

We're looking to build long-term, stable business relationships, and that starts with building trust and then of course, delivering results. So that's what we pride ourselves on.

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Minh Nguyen 🍋
Product Expert

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