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About ColdIQ

ColdIQ is a sales prospecting agency. We've with 40+ B2B SaaS and Agencies and are using Clay - alongside other great sales tools - to run outbound campaigns that flood 🌊 our clients’ inboxes with interested prospects. We can help you:

  • If you’re a sales leader or an outbound agency owner: We’ll help you set up the exact systems & tools we use to run automated ‘trigger-based’ campaigns that convert like crazy. (Spoiler: These include Clay, but some platforms integrate better with it than others!)
  • If you’re a B2B agency owner who doesn’t have the time to handle your prospecting engine or to hire and manage salespeople… You can outsource your lead gen to us, and we’ll transparently show you the exact way we run your campaigns. (We’ll provide SOPs too… if it works so well that you want to build your in-house team).
  • And… if you simply want to improve your B2B sales automation skills or learn to run these campaign yourself, we’ll teach you by building a campaign from scratch together with you —from ‘idea’ to ‘running campaign’ (we’ve done it a dozen times already, and the rumour says people ❤️ed it).

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