Hyper-personalized outreach, at scale

Use GPT-4 and ChatGPT to automate parts of your outreach process that you never thought possible before.

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Target the right leads, at the right time.

Beyond Clay’s 50+ built-in enrichments, use OpenAI to discover anything about your leads. These will help you qualify your leads and also hyper personalize your outreach messages.

Show leads you did your research.

Use GPT-4 to programmatically summarize blogs, reference LinkedIn posts, company data, and more.

Write hyper-personalized outreach, at scale.

GPT-4 can then put it all together, creating hyper personalized messages from the data already in your Clay table.

Build workflows with all of your favorite tools.

Clay has integrations with 200+ tools to trigger campaigns, update CRMs, and much more. Close more deals with our powerful workflow automations.