Extract Field from Object

Extract Field from Object

Given an object, extract an field based on a given path. If the path leads to an Array, it will return the whole object. If the path is a single item, it will return just a single value. Furthermore, if you give it an array, it will return a list of every object in the array with that field extracted.
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The Extract Field from Object integration by Clay allows users to quickly and easily extract various information fields from a data array or object. It transforms complex object structures into a cleaner, readable list. The interactive demonstration in the video highlights the extraction of job titles from a jobs object, delivering them in a neat comma-separated text format. This list can then be exported or mapped onto a table to further streamline workflows. Whether dealing with data science roles or risk management positions, this integration creates a straightforward way to distill object data.

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Extract Field from Object

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Extract Field from Object

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