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Enrich & Validate Emails - Waterfall

Matthew Quan

👉 Why Use this Enrichment?

  • Use multiple providers to find a validated work email for a lead. Only pay for the provider that finds data. If you have any of your own accounts with the providers we give access to, you can also connect your own account so you aren’t charged Clay credits for finding the email. If you don’t have an account, not to worry → Clay credits are often cheaper than buying direct credits because we buy in bulk 😉

🤖 How this source works:

  • Using our waterfall - we use multiple email providers + a email validation provider to give you a valid work email.
  • Note that we hide the validation columns by default so that your table isn’t too messy. If you see that a provider found an email but you don’t see it in the “Validated Work Email” Column - it’s likely because the email found was not validated. To check this, you can unhide the validation columns!

🪜 How to set this up:

Step 1 - On your people table, click “Enrich Data” in the top right!

Step 2 - Select the Work Email Datapoint

Step 3 - Select the Waterfall option

Step 4 - Add your inputs then save and run!

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