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Use Google Search to find Niche/Local Businesses

Use Google Search to find Niche/Local Businesses

Find businesses that are otherwise hard to come by using Clay’s Google integration

Eric Nowoslawski
7 min.

Using Google Search to Find Local/Niche Businesses

Hello everyone! This guide walks you through an intriguing workflow, which will help you find local leads from Google searches using Clay. We'll focus on finding a niche segment - Airbnb management companies, which is typically challenging to find in traditional databases.

Google Search Integration in Clay
Firstly, initiate your search query on Clay using the Google Search Integration. In this instance, we're searching for "Airbnb management company in Florida", excluding terms like "blog", "directory", and "restaurants". Select the number of results you want (we'll choose 100 for this example) and limit the geographical area to the United States.

Inspecting the Search Results
Once your search results are in, take a moment to inspect them. You're looking for companies specifically dealing with Airbnb property management, ideally within Florida.

Preparing the Data
Next, create a new column labeled "website" in your database and move your results here. Perform a quick cleanup of your data to remove any irrelevant entries or errors.

Mapping the Data
Once your data is clean, start mapping your tables. Pause to let your data populate as required.

Scraping Websites
This process involves scraping the websites you've found for relevant information. Look for details such as social media links, phone numbers, and email addresses. Also, try finding the website on Google Business to access their ratings and reviews.

Creating an Outreach Strategy
The information you find can inform your outreach strategy. For instance, mentioning a company's Google ratings in an email can create a positive impact. It also shows that you've taken the time to learn about their business.

Finding the Company Owner
Another useful strategy is to find the name of the company owner. Use Google search to locate this information, which can assist in personalizing your outreach.

Final Notes
Keep in mind that your search results may contain some irrelevant entries from LinkedIn, Indeed, Forbes, etc. To increase the accuracy of your search results, use Clay's 'Get Keywords' feature to find specific keywords in the website body text.

By leveraging Google search in Clay, you can find a wealth of information about niche businesses that may not be present in conventional databases. This approach can be further refined by targeting different locations or using filters. If you have any queries, feel free to join our community at Have a fantastic day!

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