Find work emails from LinkedIn profiles

Start with a LinkedIn profile to find work emails and much more information on your leads

Eric Nowoslawski
4 min.

A major problem with some outreach methods is that you may end up scraping a person’s personal information such as their email and cell- of course, we don’t want to encroach upon any of our prospects’ privacy, so it’s important to contact their work email. We took this into account and decided to release our own separate integration for just that. In this video, Eric shows us how to do this starting with a list of LinkedIn profiles.

Once you have some LinkedIn profiles in a column, use our “Enrich Person” LinkedIn integration to find their company’s website (we have a video on that, too). Once that information is mapped out to your table, you’re ready to move forward to our in-house “Find Work Email” integration! All that’s required for this is the person’s name and company domain, both of which you just mapped from the Enrich Person integration. Then, run the integration and you’ll soon have access to your prospects’ work emails.

From there, you can verify these emails with Debounce or Zerobounce (both available on Clay), export to third-party email tools like, or use our OpenAi integration to write personalized emails to your prospect. The world is your oyster, and Clay is your tool to open it! We hope this helps, let us know if you have any questions, and happy prospecting 😊

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