Scrape LinkedIn jobs with Clay

Learn how to use Clay's Chrome Extension to pull in job postings directly from LinkedIn

Eric Nowoslawski
4 min.

Scraping jobs in LinkedIn at scale can be great for a variety of reasons- finding pain points within a company, doing some job prospecting of your own, or just to find context to a problem a client is having. Our Clay Chrome Extension makes it easier than ever before to scrape websites for prospecting data, and LinkedIn jobs is no exception to this claim.

After installing the Chrome Extension, all you have to do is go to LinkedIn jobs and create a search to fit your criteria. When you’re satisfied with the results of your search, open the Chrome Extension and start scrolling until the table on the right side of your screen has been populated with all of the results you wanted. Remember, if the result isn’t visible on your screen, the scraper can’t scrape it! From there, just open a Clay table with your results and they’ll be populated automatically.

From there, you can map out all of the specifics of the job listing that you may find interesting, and in this video, Eric even shows you a way of finding decision makers from the company as well as their contact information. Suddenly, you have a ton of qualified prospects you can use for your outreach (which we can help automate too, check out our videos on OpenAI to see that). We hope you found this video to be helpful, let us know if you have any questions, and happy prospecting!!

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