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11 AI Prompts to Automate Account Research

Eric Nowoslawski

How to Automate Your Prospecting Research with Clay

Hello everyone! This guide is your step-by-step roadmap to automate your prospecting research on both an account and personal level using OpenAI. Having spent considerable time compiling these prompts and refining them for best results, we are ecstatic to bring this valuable information to your fingertips.

Discovering Company Missions
By leveraging the LinkedIn company description and OpenAI, we can generate a succinct mission statement for a given company. By using the prompts like "what is the mission of the company using this input," OpenAI can generate concise, conversational phrases that represent the company's focus. From Canva's focus on revolutionizing design to Salesforce's mission of connecting companies and customers for good, OpenAI can help you quickly identify the primary goals of various companies.
Identifying Ideal Customer Profiles

The second step is to determine the typical customers that a company caters to. Using a company's description, we can prompt OpenAI to generate a list of job titles that may benefit most from the company's products or services. For example, Canva's ideal customers could include graphic designers, visual designers, and creative designers, whereas Notion could be targeting project managers.

Inferring Pricing
The next step involves using Google search to find a company's pricing page. This can provide us with a quick summary of the company's pricing strategy. From Canva's monthly price of $12.99 to Calendly's free service, OpenAI can provide a brief overview of each company's pricing structure.

Identifying Role Focus
Next, we analyze the job titles from Profiles to determine the main focus of various roles within a company. For instance, a CTO's role could involve leading, organizing, and strategizing technical strategies. OpenAI has proven effective at predicting the primary responsibilities associated with different job titles.

Summarizing News Articles
By leveraging Predict leads feature and OpenAI, we can generate a succinct summary of the latest news articles about a company. For instance, OpenAI could note that Canva launched a new AI feature, or Calendly hired a new Chief Marketing Officer. This feature provides a quick way to keep up to date with a company's latest developments.

Inferring Company Goals from Job Listings
Finally, OpenAI can also help infer the problems a company is trying to solve based on their open job positions. For example, if a company is hiring an Account Executive, OpenAI can suggest that the company is looking to improve international sales and customer relations.

B2B or B2C?
Let's explore using AI to differentiate between B2B and B2C companies using Company descriptions. This method is highly accurate, with the AI correctly identifying B2B companies like Calendly, Loom, Bitwarden, and Salesforce, and B2C companies like Canva, Liquid Death, Red Bull, and Lime.

Summarizing LinkedIn Posts
AI can summarize the main ideas from LinkedIn posts, providing a quick way to gauge the content of the post. It can be used to efficiently reach out to individuals or companies about specific posts they have made, thereby personalizing your interaction.

Cleaning Job Titles
It's often the case that LinkedIn job titles are embellished or unnecessarily complex. This can lead to misunderstandings or could even make your communication seem automated. Utilizing AI to clean these titles will ensure your outreach seems personal and well-researched.

Identifying SaaS Companies
SaaS companies can be tricky to identify, especially when they cater to specific industries. AI can help distinguish these companies based on their LinkedIn descriptions. It successfully identifies SaaS companies like Canva, Calendly, Clay, and others, while also accurately labeling non-SaaS companies such as Red Bull, Target, and Walmart.

Reviewing Glassdoor Ratings
Glassdoor reviews can offer crucial insights into a company's operations and culture. By automating a Google search to find Glassdoor reviews and utilizing AI to extract a company's overall rating, you'll have access to this valuable information in a structured format.

Using AI for account level research can drastically reduce the time and effort spent on identifying key company information. Whether you're a salesperson, a marketer, or a founder, these AI prompts will prove beneficial in improving your understanding of your prospects and enhancing your outbound messaging.

Remember, if you have any questions about this process, don't hesitate to reach out to the team or join our Slack channel at

In a digital world that's always evolving, it's key to stay ahead of the curve. Embrace AI, save time, and streamline your business intelligence process.

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