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Find company tech stack

Eric Nowoslawski

Find any company’s tech stack

Create a free Clay Pro account to find out which technologies a company is using for CRM and more using BuiltWith, PredictLeads and Apollo.

Start with a company website

For company tech stack lookup to work, you'll need a company website, or list of company websites.

Fortunately, if you don’t have this information you can easily build a list within Clay or find a company's website starting with just a company name or a contact's Profile.

Run a BuiltWith and PredictLeads waterfall enrichment

In the 'Enrich Data' section of Clay, select 'Find Tech Stack'. From there, select the company domain column in your sheet.

When you run this waterfall enrichment it will by default first check BuiltWith followed by PredictLeads for any company's where BuiltWith did not find a match. If you have an Apollo API key, you can use Apollo in your waterfall either first, to save credits, or last to fill gaps where other providers don’t find information.

How to use a companies tech stack in outreach

The number of technologies found on a company's website can be indicative of the company's investment in their team, marketing, or other areas. Understanding the tech stack a company uses provides insights into:

  • Infrastructure and capabilities
  • Growth areas and priorities
  • Marketing platforms
  • Integrations and partnerships

With these details, you can:

  • Personalize outreach by role + tech use
  • Identify ideal customer profiles
  • Inform product positioning
  • Shape targeted advertising
  • Monitor new solution adoption

Tracking usage history

In the results, you'll notice 'First Detected' and 'Last Detected' fields. This data can inform you about how long the company has been using a particular technology, which can be crucial for prospecting efforts. Note that this feature only works when you use a combination of a keyword filter and a category.

Finding technology gaps

The BuiltWith website technology finder integration can also reveal what technology a company does not use. For example, if you want to find companies that lack a DMARC policy, the integration can filter out those businesses for you.

Run your first tech stack lookup today

That sums up our tutorial on how to identify technologies used via a company website. Clay is a comprehensive solution for understanding prospects and refining your outreach. Click here to start a free Clay Pro trial and run your first tech stack lookup today.

If you have any additional questions, drop a comment below or join our Slack community.

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