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Find Open Jobs for a Company

Eric Nowoslawski

Finding Open Jobs by Company Domain Using Clay
If you're in search of the right talent, and not just any talent, you need to get creative with how you source candidates. In this guide, we’ll illustrate how to effectively utilize advanced search techniques to find professionals specifically suited to roles such as outbound sales.

Step 1: Begin Your New Project:
To kickstart the process, identify target websites where your potential candidates may have a presence. Then, input these websites into your new project.

Step 2: Customize Your Settings:
Next, navigate to your project settings. Here, map the websites and apply filters as per your specific requirements. These filters could be related to the department, job title, or description.

Step 3: Run Your Project:
Once you've set up the filters, such as for "outbound sales" or "outbound calling," save your changes. Now, it's time to run your search. The system will then display a list of professionals who match your specified criteria.

Step 4: Utilizing Google Jobs:
While the above method works effectively, Google Jobs can be a helpful alternative when you need a broader view of open roles. People frequently use Google Jobs when they need exact job openings, but if you're merely looking for a general sense of whether a company has certain roles, this can be an invaluable tool.

Step 5: Scouring Careers Pages:
Another approach to source potential candidates is to visit the career pages of target companies. By using the 'site:' operator in a Google search, followed by the domain of the company and specific keywords like "outbound calling" or "sales," you can scan the company's website. This method often leads to fruitful results as these keywords are likely to be found on a company's career page.

This comprehensive guide provides you with an advanced search technique roadmap for efficient talent sourcing. By setting up project filters, using Google Jobs, and exploring company career pages, you can pinpoint potential candidates more effectively. With these steps, finding the right talent for your organization has never been easier.

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