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Find People for SMBs

Matthew Quan

👉 Why Use this Enrichment?

  • Finding people who work at SMBs can be a bit trickier. Typically we recommend finding people based on their LinkedIn company profile. However, for SMBs these people often has personal LinkedIn profiles, but their companies do not have LinkedIn profiles. That means we need to use a slightly different approach.

🤖 How this source works:

  • Use our pre-built recipe that combines a few different enrichments to find the decision maker at your company.
    • First we run “Find and Enrich Person from Google Search”
      • Behind the scenes, we are automating a google search for LinkedIn profiles based on your input, then pulling all associated LinkedIn information of the profile we find.
    • Then we’ll use AI to verify that this is the right contact
    • Finally we’ll run an email providers to output their email

🪜 How to set this up:

Step 1 - Click Enrich Data in the top right!

Step 2 - search and select the recipe “SMBs - Find and Verify Decision Makers”

Step 3 - Input your columns for Business Name and Business Website. Type a “/” in the input box to select a column!

Step 4 (Optional) - By default we’re looking for "CEO" OR "Founder" OR "Owner”. If you’d like to adjust the title, double click on the “Find and Enrich Person From Google” column and adjust the keywords in quotation marks. Add more by typing OR then your additional titles in quotation marks.

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