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Find Work Emails with Multiple Providers

Eric Nowoslawski

Finding Work Emails from LinkedIn Profiles (at scale)

Learn how to leverage Clay's powerful features to enrich LinkedIn profiles and effortlessly discover work email addresses. In this step-by-step tutorial by Matthew from, you'll discover how to import data from a CSV file, enrich LinkedIn profiles, and find work email addresses using Clay's intuitive user interface.

Step 1: Starting with a Blank Table
Begin by opening Clay's user interface and creating a new blank table. This provides a clean canvas to add and organize your data effectively.

Step 2: Importing Data
To import data, select the option to import a CSV file. Eric demonstrates using an export from Apollo, but notes that only LinkedIn profiles will be used, not the email addresses provided in the export.

Step 3: Enter LinkedIn URLs
For each person, enter their LinkedIn profile URL into the designated field and import the row. Apply a quick filter to ensure you're working with complete data.

Step 4: Enriching Data
Navigate to the "Enrich Data" section and select "Enrich Person from LinkedIn Profile (New)." This action adds a new column to your table, but it requires further information to function properly.

Step 5: Inputting LinkedIn Profile Information
Click on the cell in the newly added column and either drag or click the LinkedIn profile information into the cell. Save your changes and run the enrichment process for all relevant rows.

Step 6: Exploring Enriched Profiles
Now that the LinkedIn profiles have been enriched, you can open each profile to access the comprehensive information available about the individuals.

Step 7: Finding Work Email Addresses
To find work email addresses, navigate to the person's latest experience section and locate a profile with a filled company domain. Map this information to your table and then click "Enrich Data."

Step 8: Mapping Required Fields
Type "find work email" in the search box and select "Find Work Email" under the people section. Map the necessary fields, including the company domain and the full name.

Step 9: Automating Workflow
To streamline the process, you can add more LinkedIn profiles to the table, and Clay will automatically find the relevant information, including work email addresses. This workflow remains intact even if you delete rows or add new data.

Take advantage of Clay's powerful capabilities to effortlessly enrich LinkedIn profiles and find work email addresses. For more insights and to ask questions directly to the Clay team, subscribe to their YouTube channel or join the community at

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